My Fitness journey

Back in 2013 I finally decided make my personal fitness as a priority.  I was tired of being super skinny.  Skinny to the point where you would see my bones protruding from my shoulders.  Whenever I mentioned to friends and family that I was getting into shape and was planning on gaining weight, everyone say, “Mario you look fine,  I wish I was as skinny as you” or “You’re lucky you don’t gain weight“.  But what people failed to see was what I looked like naked or in shorts at the beach.  It was pretty gross.

I started collecting and buying weights and equipment.  I received some unused fitness DVD’s from a friend of mine.  These DVD’s were P90X and Body Beast.  Another friend of mine that heard I was starting to work out called me up and gave me weights and some equipment because he was moving. So in between the stuff I bought, I had some freebies.

I ended up cleaning up an extra room at my house and build my home gym.  I had it all fixed up with foam mats, sounder for music.  A TV with my PS3 to watch the exercise DVD’s to complete my daily workouts.

The P90X Program

It was somewhere around early 2013 when I started the p90x program. I did two rounds . It took me 6 months.  The first round that took 3 months, I saw minimal change.  I was learning as I went.  I was doing everything correct except my diet. I was not eating enough.  My second round of p90x I noticed a big change in my body.  But there was still one problem.  I was in shape but I was not getting bigger. I skipped the yoga workout. I did not have patience for how slow and how long this workout is. I DESPISE YOGA! My wife told me that the changes weren't drastic. And I agreed but there was a little bit of change. Enough to keep me motivated.

I didn't change much. But there is a noticeable difference.

The Body Beast Program

This is when I decided to try out the second set of DVD’s called Body Beast.  The only problem is I needed more equipment.  I was short on body building equipment.  I quickly invested in a pull up contraption where you can also do dips.  I get myself a benchpress and more weights and dumbbells.  I invested a lot of money into this stuff.  I was not about to “NOT SUCCEED”

Prior to starting, I studied methods.  I bought a body fat ruler and a tape measure.  I already had a scale.  But I also bought a food scale, protein and my favorite NO explode.  Everything was starting to make sense.   I had always seen myself as a hard gainer.  Actually yes.  I am hard gainer.  I can’t put on weight to save my live but I discovered in my research why that was so.  It was because I was not eating enough.  And the only way to make sure I was eating enough was to count my calories.

I learned how to use a spreadsheet and formulas. I have my spreadsheet that calculates my macros.  I started researching foods.  I went to an online calculator and learned how to calculate values for my desired weight (calories, fats and carbs) and body type..  I never really had a problem eating junk food.  Food isn’t my passion.

So when I started Body Beast I was already in great cardio shape because of P90x.  This weight lifting program was about to kick my ass but put me in the best shape of my life!

I started body beast early 2014.  I started eating more.  I completed my workouts on schedule.  I would not miss a beat.  I started seeing weight gains on the scale.  No so much on my body.  It’s really hard to see anything in the beginning until you start comparing photos.  You absolutely have to do before and after photos! It’s a HUGE motivator.

The Results

From 155 LBS I started seeing the scale go up! I was a whole 10 LBS heavier! I remember on my old facebook page my wife took a picture of me at the beach at a distance.  I posted that photo on facebook.  Some girl made a comment like “Wow” or something like that.  I had not noticed that my body looked very different.  I was not HUGE but my shoulders were broad and my posture was solid. Can you say EGO BOOSTER?  This was not my goal. I did it for me and no one else but I will admit this was a motivator and it went a long way.

This is the wow photo I posted on FB. I had not noticed until I saw this photo.

I managed to hit 178 LBS on the scale.  And this is as heavy as I got.  I could not eat anymore than I was eating.  Was eating six meals a day plus the in between meal protein shake.  My goal was 180 LBS.  Never made it there.  But at 178 LBS I was looking solid.  I outgrew my skinny shirts.  I was lifting heavy for my body size. I got to one point where I was lifting 90 LBS dumbbells on each arm doing presses. It was that crazy.

At 178 LBS I was solid! But it required a lot of hard work.

Results after I stopped

Now let me tell you what happened when I decided to stop.  Im not going to get into why.  But around 2015 I stopped working out and with the diet. Within 6 months I lost most of my weight. And it seemed like my balloon was popped. I shrunk into the weakling I was prior to working out.  I did manage to retain 10 LBS from my original 155 LBS. I was weighing anywhere from 163-165 LBS.

I decided to start up again

I did not sell my equipment. I didn’t get rid of anything.  Fast forward to today 2019. I have started up again.  I must say that I did miss it.  But now I started a lot wiser than back then.  Right off the bat I know my diet and my supplements. So I think I should see results in the first round of the Body Beast program.  Where last time it took me two rounds because I was trying to get my high calorie diet in order.

Blunt Myths

So let’s debunk this myth. Unless you have a medical condition diagnosed by your doctor, the only reason why you’re not losing weight or gaining weight is NOT because you’re a hard gainer (like me) or because you just can’t lose fat. But it’s because you’re not willing to do what it take. Yes some have it easier than others due to genetics.  But don’t feel bad. I’m lazy too.  It takes a lot for me to do this. The cooking, and the scheduling time for my workout.  If you’re not doing the proper things to gain or lose weight don’t blame it on your body.  It’s on you.  FACT.  Think about this, even when you think you eat too much or eat too little, do you know how many calories you’re consuming?  Think about it like your budget.  If you don’t keep track of your money those little expenses add up. Then all of a sudden you’re overdrawn on your account.

I want you to think about this: In between all your excuses, your age, you having a baby or whatever, what amount of time have you dedicated to your physical health and diet instead of Netflix?  If your answer is NONE then there it is.  It’s simple. 1+1=2  Now don’t feel bad. I was (and probably still am) the same way. I mean shit, I had not worked out in years, so what does that tell you about me???  Your fitness and your diet work together. One without the other will NOT yield desired results.  That’s just the way it is.  And by diet I DON’T mean rabbit food.  You need Protein, Fats and Carbs.  Some of those more than others depending on your goals.

But in simple terms, if you don’t do something about it nothing gets accomplished.  But here is the good news, all that matters is what makes you happy.  If you’re happy the way you are then by all means enjoy it.  Be beautiful.  At the end of the day being happy is all that matters. And it's only important how you see yourself NOT what other see.

So, see you in Jan 2020 with my results.  Let’s see where this takes me.

Below I have listed some of the items I use. Please don't waste your money unless you know you're going to follow through. Some people get inspired but then end up turning their treadmill as a clothes hanger! I work best alone which is why I LOVE my home gym. Some people work best at the gym. And one thing my wife has told me, “Mario, you never start on Monday or in the New Years. Yup! She's right. This time I started in October on a Wednesday!

Tell me what you think. Leave comment below or visit my page and leave a comment there:

Some items I use:

Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 Body Fat Caliper
MyoTape Body Tape Measure
P90X DVD Workout
Body Beast DVD Workout
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm) (keeps track of workout and pulse)

Supplements I take:

ENORMASS Protein powder
NZ Creatine Monohydrate
NO Explode pre workout

Just for some transparency: Some of these are affiliate (amazon) links. I make some money from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

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