Hey Mario, why the blog.

Some people have asked my why I decided to write a blog. Here are some of my reason why I started to do this.

Reason #1

The number one reason is just because I can. Since I know how to set one up and configure it, why the hell not? Besides if people can post stupid shit on facebook for free, I can post stupid shit while paying for it!

But Mario, isn’t that a little counterproductive?

It could be, why would I pay when I can just do it for free on social media? Well because since I pay for this I cannot get shut down. As long as what I post isn’t porn, I’m good posting what I want and no one can complain about an offensive post and get me suspended. Try doing that on facebook or twitter see how quick you get shut down! Creative freedom! Provided that what I post isn’t copyrighted then I’m good!

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We all do❤️

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Post a picture like this in social media, you run the risk of being reported or getting the post deleted or possibly banned. I can post it and I could give two shits about who gets offended.

Me using my powers against complaints!

Reason #2

Because I can write about the topics that I discuss with people in real life. It’s like an extension of me. For instance, suppose I talk about a subject like the books I read. I can have a page prepared ahead of time that shows the books in my library. Each book will have a link to where you can buy it and read the reviews. In case you are wondering you can see my list here: https://mariozugasti.com/books/ (NOT AN ACTIVE LINK AT THE MOMENT)

Reason #3

Because I want to test my magical technical skills. I want to practice my craft. I need to keep my skills sharp on how to upload digital items. I also learned how to create basic logos. (and when I say basic I mean basic, nothing special)

My website logo I designed. Not mind blowing.

I learned how to configure and design websites. DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a freelancer, this is NOT my business. Also, if help is requested keep in mind I don’t work for free. If you want to have a site set up and you request my help, it’s going to cost you. So please refrain from asking me thank you. On that note, I will be publishing tutorials on how to do this on your own. This is how I learned.

You might think I’m a dick for saying this but think about it. If you’re a business owner of any kind, do you offer free services? That’s right I didn’t think so.

Some of the best quotes come out of the strangest movies.

Reason #4

I want to monetize! (Make money) . Now this is not my main purpose. My main purpose is to have fun and start a dialogue with my followers and friends. But think about this: Day in and day out we sell without thinking about it. When you buy that delicious latte, or that car you can’t stop raving about. We are usually trying to get people to like what we like. If so why not write about it and direct people to your webpage? It’s obvious that we cannot sell and make money when we talk about things unless you are a direct seller of said items.

So what is the solution? To become an affiliate marketer. For instance, if I want to talk about anything Starbucks, I can direct to my readers to buy a Starbucks Gift Card HERE (HINT: I like Starbucks cards!)

Or if I talk about my MacBook Pro and how awesome I think it is, I can direct my readers for more information HERE

And if people purchase said items, I make a small commission. Yes, I am being very transparent.

I also like the fact that I can direct people to items I use day and day out. So why not tell people about them?

So, what are you trying to say?

Absolutely nothing and everything. You can be a mindless zombie posting on social media or you can use it to your advantage and create a website. If you own a business it would be a good idea to get a website and blog regularly. Keep your customers informed. Post what you want on your own terms. The wealth of knowledge you gain and exposure you get is priceless. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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