Customizable MLB Jerseys

On MAY 3, 2019 the Los Angeles Dodgers came down to San Diego to play the Padres at Petco Park. I went to see them with family and friends. The park was packed!

I bought my tickets a few months in advance as we anticipated a sell out crowd. As the huge fan that I am of the Dodgers, I have many jerseys of my team. I have 2 home jerseys that I rarely ever wear because they are white. You know what happens when you spill ketchup on a white jersey. I have one away jersey, grey in color. And I have the Dodger blue spring training jersey.

In preparation for this game, I went on the Dodgers website and bought a custom spring training Dodger blue jersey with my name on it and my birth year. It reads, “ZUGASTI 76”

It’s neat to represent you team with your own name on the jersey!

If you get this same jersey on the MLB website you will pay 130 US dollars. But I should have shopped around. Amazon has the same jersey for a lot less money. Under 100 US dollars!

But this isn’t just a Dodgers post. You can customize any team! Or you can get your favorite player. It’s really up to you!

Having fun at the Padres Vs. Dodgers @PetcoPark

Customize any MLB jersey HERE. And be ready next time you go watch your favorite team play! (Padres Fans click HERE)

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